Branching Out

A quick recap of my progress so far. I started my journey at Codecademy and then quickly supplemented that with the Head First JavaScript book and lessons. Pretty soon I was flying solo, working on my own project, a backgammon game. For a long time (a long, long time… like 6 weeks?) after that, I mostly just plodded forward, skimming through books and looking up pieces of code and documentation online. Brute force programming. Andrea introduced me to freeCodeCamp which introduced me to Dash, and through several avenues at once I was made aware of Code School. And that’s pretty much where I am now.

Getting back into some kind of formalized learning via freeCodeCamp (which is mostly a very well put together aggregator) and Code School has jumped my understanding forward in leaps and bounds. I think through just slogging it out, some of the concepts and ideas of JavaScript and programming in general were becoming more and more apparent and ingrained. When I do the lessons at Code School, I feel ready. I feel like it makes sense and the knowledge is sticking. My biggest gains have been in understanding jQuery and Angular.

For me, they both make interacting with the DOM way easier and visually cleaner than vanilla JavaScript. I haven’t gotten as far with Angular, but from what I understand, it attempts to enforce an MVC architecture. I know I am at the edge of my understanding, so I have a hard time explaining the hows and whys, but I am starting to understand the flow of each of those technologies.

I am starting to get more specific advice and challenges from my programmer friends, so I will be narrowing my focus to cover the areas they think are most important. My motivation levels are pretty high right now, and I hope I can keep moving forward.

Along with Andrea (Part Timer), reading the blogs of Rails MamaTeacher Learns to Code, Tales of a Technophile, and Valkyrea Learns to Code has been inspirational to me. Thank you ladies!