An Overdue Step

I have been aware of GitHub Pages for quite a while. Probably almost as long as I have been using GitHub. For whatever reason, it hadn’t really occurred to me to use it to show off my work. Maybe because I didn’t really consider it finished enough. Or because I wanted to strip out the extraneous code and who has time for that?! Well, I made the time. Now you can see my almost, somewhat mostly completed backgammon game, bugs, legacy green form (thanks Head First JavaScript!) and all. Just head over to and give it a whirl! You can look at the guts by digging around my GitHub page, or, if you’re as time starved as I am, this is the spot right here.

A brief explanation of the controls: Reset Board starts the game by setting up the checkers and rolling the initial dice (one dark, one light, high die goes first). To move a checker, click on either die and the checker you want to move, in any order. There are some rudimentary alerts set up if you click the wrong things. The counters in the middle are the “jail” cells. The counters on the right are the “endgame” counters. First to 15 wins. To play from jail, pick a die and then click on one of your own checkers (it’s not intuitive and I would like to change that eventually).

I’m probably missing some details, ask me anything! Tell me if you run into any bugs (I know of at least one already). Thanks for giving it a look!

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