Not Programming

I am feeling pretty energized by Code Camp, and I have lots of new ideas bouncing off the inside of my skull, but for some reason, I’m having a hard time taking any action. I haven’t coded at all, but I have done a lot of staring at the splash screen for WebStorm. Also, staring at the covers of several programming books. Instead of reading any of them, I picked up Neuromancer for the nth time.

I am a pretty avid reader. I started reading at a young age and never stopped. It is very easy for me to get engrossed in the written word. Carried off to whatever land has been created. I’m not picky either. I can recognize good writing and bad writing and abysmal writing, but most of the time I don’t really care. I am quality tolerant. This holds for most things I consume: food, coffee, scotch (but not beer), music, movies and books. It’s a rare book or movie that I actually have to walk away from.

In any case, Neuromancer is good reading. Especially for being the progenitor of an entire genre of creative fiction. Gibson hit on a perfect blend of setting, plot and character development. The mood is fantastic. The pacing is just right. It feels technical without being clunky. Most importantly, it feels of its time and yet also timeless. Reading it now, it is easy to see the influence it has had. It is a lot like listening to a Beatles record and recognizing how much modern music lifts ideas almost directly from their songs.

It has made a good distraction. I at least feel like I’m doing something, and I think it is giving my brain room to stretch out and digest and hopefully retain and integrate some of the knowledge that was being liberally blasted around at Code Camp. It’s tough though, because my most productive days are Saturday through Monday and I didn’t write a single line of code in that whole period. Worse, it seems to be a developing pattern. I should probably start setting aside specific blocs of time for coding instead of just coding “when I feel like it.”

In the next few days, I want to “dust off” my Angular and really try and wrap my brain around the guts. Directives especially. By this time next week, I want to have written a healthy chunk of code that does something. I’d really like to start working with APIs. I keep putting it off, but I think it is time to dive in. So, wish me luck and keep coding (and learning and writing about all of it)!

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