I’m Still Here!

I don’t know where the last two weeks went… well actually, I do, it just doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. I guess when life gets really busy, it is easy to lose track of the time. I wish I could say I was busy with programming; learning it, using it, thinking about it, anything, but that’s not the case. I did run most of a marathon (I wasn’t prepared for the distance and the heat). I also moved. Oh, and I made one and a half games using Game Maker Studio.

Neither of the games are great. I’m not sure it’s even fair to call them good, but they did help me explore Game Maker. The first one I started is something like a twin stick shooter, in the style of SmashTV, except no shooting. It’s still very early and very rough, but I’d like to keep refining the concept, because I feel like I have a good idea buried in there. The other one I’m calling “Catch You Some” (read it in Scooter’s voice, from Borderlands). Blocks fall from the top of the screen and you move a basket back and forth to catch them and score points. If the blocks hit the bottom, they stop. If a block lands on a stopped block, the game is over. It has a splash screen (technically two splash screens because Game Maker loads one too), a start screen, the game and, finally, an end screen.

“Catch You Some” is almost finished, i need to work on the end screen and work out a couple of kinks, but what I like most about it is, I spent about thirty minutes creating it. There is something to be said about using tools that let you focus your productive time wisely. Once I fix the last couple of things and figure out the best way to package it, I’ll post a link to it and do some kind of post-mortem on it. Game Maker is a neat tool, and it’s free. I highly recommend it, even if all you want to use it for is fast prototyping.

I also have been really trying to start some AngularJS development. I get the ideas, conceptually, but putting them into practice is stumping me a little. It can be disheartening to spend all my time trying to think through it and getting nowhere. Then, the next time I have a chance to program, I am more likely to choose another task. It’s a stupid cycle that I need to break out of. I feel like I am close though, so maybe that breakthrough is just one or two more brainstorming sessions away. I’ll keep plugging away!

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